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Regatta Remotely

Beer Regatta during a pandemic

Jack Rattenbury

Beer Regatta was first held in either 1913 or 1914; there are stories that confirm both years. It started with a race between the Beer Luggers and the Seaton Luggers and the history can be found on the Regatta website Beer Regatta. 2020 will now always be known as the year in which Beer Regatta went virtual due to Covid-19 and the world wide pandemic.

Our Committee waited until the last moment to cancel the event however it wasn’t a full cancellation – Regatta Remotely was born. It was held last week with a virtual event held on everyday. We encouraged people to hold their own Robbie’s Races, cream teas and fancy dress competition at home and our followers didn’t disappoint! We had people taking part from Bath to Scotland, and for the quiz people tuned in from Jersey to Greece. With the aid of technology it was possible to bring a little bit of Beer Regatta to people who couldn’t be in our beautiful village.

Whilst it was a lot of work on my part, I look back on last week with a sense of achievement. Whilst other towns and villages in the South West just cancelled, Beer accepted that wasn’t good enough and brought smiles to many people at a time of worry. We’ve created a special section on our website so that this unique year doesn’t get forgotten. In 20 years time people might say “remember that year when Regatta was virtual?”. We’ve captured the event for all time – Regatta Remotely.

Beer Regatta next year will start on Saturday 14th August 2021. Long Live Beer Regatta!

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