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Last month I wrote about reading so this month it’s onto puzzles – jigsaw puzzles. I read recently that there is a man in Sidmouth who completes all the jigsaws given to a charity shop so that when they come to sell them they can be confident that all the pieces are there. What an amazing public service; there can be nothing worse then spending hours on a puzzle, only to find that the last one or two pieces are missing.

My best puzzles have come from charity shops or jumble sales. They often only cost a £1 but can give hours of pleasure. In the winter I always have a puzzle on the go on the dining room table. When family come round to visit they often pause and do a few pieces but it’s mainly Mum and Alexandra who do them with me.

This winter I’ve done the Beer Regatta one (as I wanted to post the finished article on the Regatta Facebook page that I manage), and have just finished the one in the photo – a celebration of everything in the UK. We had some great frustrations over this one – ‘Why can’t I find Shakespeare’s head?’ and a lot of ‘Who IS that?!’.

Did you know that doing jigsaw puzzles is good for your mind, body and spirit? Here are some benefits –

  1. Both sides of your brain are engaged when doing a puzzle so it’s a mental workout said to improve problem solving skills and attention span.
  2. They improve your short term memory as the puzzle helps connection between brain cells.
  3. They improve your visual-spatial reasoning, helpful to you when you’re driving your car.
  4. They can improve stress as they involve concentrating on the task in hand. Doing a puzzle can be meditative for many.
  5. They are a great way to spend time with your family. You can have a lovely chinwag whilst trying to find that elusive piece!
  6. They are also equally good to do on your own, in peace and quiet, away from your gadgets.
  7. Apparently you’ll live longer if you do puzzles, although I almost killed Barry when I came home one day and he took great delight in telling me that he’d finished my puzzle. I only had about 20 pieces left! Everyone knows that you don’t EVER finish someone’s puzzle, EVER. He’s now been warned to (shouty capital alert) STAY AWAY FROM MY PUZZLE!

Next up on the puzzle front is an English Country Garden scene, perfect with all this spring like weather we’re enjoying. If you’d like a short break in March get in touch as we have some last minute availability for a couple of weeks.

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  1. Great minds think alike! I have been doing jigsaw puzzles recently as a way to use downtime away from devices. I love them, they remind me of many precious memories of mum and daughter time where mum and I would go away and the first job was to find a charity shop jigsaw. Looking forward to next ‘mum and me’ time. Hope to catch up soon xx

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