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Grand Puppy

I'm in love!

Barney the Puppy

I am in love with a ball of fluff – our Grand Puppy! Meet Barney Dimmock, our daughters new puppy. I’ve never owned a dog before and this Labradoodle has stolen my heart big time. As Alex and Simon both work Barney comes to Garlands for doggy day care Monday to Thursday (and other times as Barry misses and pines for him when he’s not here).

As I’m writing this he’s lying underneath my chair having a puppy dream; I’m hoping of chasing the wild rabbits away in my garden. Sorry Alex, I know you like them, but they’re eating all my flowers. He’s probably dreaming of other doggies though, like Jackson, our guests dog last week, who he absolutely loved playing with. When Jackson left, Barney walked round to the Beach House cottage for three days in a row looking for him to come out to play!

I’ve realised that having a dog is a great time waster. As he’s little Barney doesn’t want to be on his own so I’ve spent hours sitting in the sunroom reading my book so he’ll settle down. We took him to the beach hut on Good Friday and it took us 40 minutes to walk there from the car park as he wanted to stop and say Hi to every other dog (and there were a lot of dogs being walked on the Esplanade that bank holiday). He then quite happily went to sleep in the hut whilst we had a cup of tea and watched the world walk by.

Yes, I do love Barney. He’s going to help reduce my stress (not much of that in Beer), help me reach my 10,000 steps a day (not hard to do on a daily walk up and down those hills), lower my heart rate (and breathe……), improve my social life (not that I need that living in Beer), and add even more meaning and purpose to my life. What’s not to love?!

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