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Everyday wonder

Beach view

We had a very special church service on Sunday as our Archdeacon was visiting. He did an interesting sermon on everyday wonder. Without becoming overly religious it was broadly about finding joy and wonder in our everyday lives. Whether that’s by being grateful for a good nights sleep or in our case finding joy in the fact that our son finally got married to the beautiful Rachel for the third attempt due to Covid. Barry and I found wonder in their intimate ceremony and wedding breakfast, very different from the Follfest party that was planned in 2020 and 2021. We are now hoping to have this in 2022!

It’s made me really think this week at where I can find everyday wonder. Here’s a few – a fabulous cheese scone made by my friend with a tangy kick from cayenne pepper, looking out of the window and seeing the red roses bowing their heads in the wind, relishing the cool early morning mist as I ran along the Esplanade, chatting to our guests as they sun bathed on the deck, and sorting out our house insurance for the coming year (always a hated task but made easier by our broker).

In times of Covid I’m glad to report that Barry has had his second jab and mine is next week. I find wonder in our world leading vaccination programme and at the dedication of our all health professionals. It’s wonderful to be welcoming new and repeat guests and I find wonder in the fact that we’re almost full for three months of next season already……..

Where can you find everyday wonder today?

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