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Cruise to nowhere…..

Our 'seacation'

In the first week of September Barry and I boarded the Sky Princess at Southampton for a ‘seacation’ – the new word for a cruise that doesn’t stop. Why would we do this? Well we love cruising – we took a cruise about five years ago and are now hooked. We’re over the holidays where you travel from place to place, stopping every one or two days in different hotels or B&B’s, in different beds with different pillows and having to pack and unpack all the time.

Covid has reinforced this even more as we didn’t travel for well over a year. We like unpacking once and arriving in the morning to find ourselves in a different country where we can have a taste of their culture and enjoy their sights. We even enjoy the sea days, sitting on deck reading a book or taking part in the many activities you can do on board. I’m sure I love it as much as I loved going to Warners’ holiday camps all those years ago.

This three day cruise with no stops was devised when the ships were allowed to sail again. We felt safer on board than in Devon (in fact at that time if Devon were a country it would have been on the red list). Every passenger who embarked had to show proof of being double jabbed and we all had a Covid test in the terminal before boarding. Every crew member I spoke to had already been vaccinated and the Covid protocols on board were strictly adhered to. Wash hand basins with a crew member to make sure every passenger washed their hands and then sanitised before entering the buffet, wearing masks in doors and we saw crew members cleaning everywhere on board.

We were blessed with the weather and sitting on the pool deck we could have been in the Caribbean! As we’re in the business of staycations it felt great to support another industry who has been battered by the virus. If you love cruising give the ‘seacations’ a go – there’s lots on offer for October before they set sail for distant shores……….

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